Why I’m reshaping self-storage for modern users and challenging the status quo

The beginning

I love spring cleaning, but I’m always left frustrated with the mountain of stuff at the end. It’s all stuff I care about, but do I have space for it? No. And do I need to keep it? The answer is always, “yes, yes, I do”.

Why I’m starting Stuf

I live in an apartment. I seek convenience and high-quality products for a good price. Most of my life can be managed on a mobile device. And I believe safety and cleanliness are table stakes rather than a leading sales feature. Millennials are using self-storage more than any other generation, preferring smaller homes and more flexible lifestyles, while women make up over 60% of self-storage customers. As both a millennial and a woman, I’m weary of today’s self-storage options, so I’m creating my own.

How we’re changing the storage game

What makes us different is how we deliver our product to our members. If it was just about real estate, traditional operators would all get 5 star ratings for providing the space and nothing else. However, users often complain about customer service, safety (or perceived safety), and cleanliness, which means they’re important pain points to address.

Stuf at 995 Market Street, San Francisco

Why we’ll win

In many ways, we have done this before — operated space-as-a-service businesses, launched new products, and scaled physical networks. At Industrious, I led the real estate team responsible for all supply-side growth, scaling the portfolio from 12 to 120+ locations in 4 years while navigating a shift from traditional leases to landlord partnerships.

CEO and Co-Founder of Stuf, a next-generation self-storage startup. Kat previously led supply growth at Industrious and pioneered asset-light in coworking.